Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bully for Scully

Check out the results/gains made by Noel Scullion, AKA Scully, who worked his backside off at Elite Fitness. Here's how Scully described his experience:

"I joined Elite Fitness about 3 months ago looking to shed a few lbs for the summer as I was verging on becoming a bit of a chunky monkey. With the help of David Rice and Jamie Rice we came up with a healthy diet tailored for weight loss and a training program to suit it that consisted of fasted HIT cardio i.e TNT classes (Davy's own style of circuit training that incorporates weightlifting and cardio) in the morning and a short and intense weights session in the evenings. I'd like to give them 2 a bit of recognition as they really did help me go the extra mile! Even though it may have seemed like torture at the time, lol, cheers guys much appreciated."

"During that period I went from just under 16 stone to 13. 5, which I am over the moon with!! As for supplements, I kept them fairly basic and stuck with protein powder, BCAA's and L- Arginine."

Good lad, Scully!

Still need a bit of convincing to change your own life? Here's a wee motivational statement from Davy Rice:

"People wait until it's too late; wait on weddings, wait on holidays, wait until a new relationship sparks or breaks up before they get into training the way they want to. Grab it, hold it and shake it. If your mind and body wants to, don't stop it. Get in, get it started, and rip it apart! One thing for sure is when you are fit strong healthy and look the way you want to, you won't regret it!! 

It's Monday what are you waiting on?!"

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