Sunday, 3 August 2014


Since it's Sunday night, here's another example (again from Elite Fitness) of what can be done in a relatively short time. It's not easy, it's not a quick-fix solution, as it requires a lifestyle change on both sides of the six weeks, but check out this great progress pic along with a few words from Stephen Cleland on a programme he completed back in July 2013.

"Just completed a 6 week programme at Elite Fitness.

I've always trained at gyms of some sort over the years with basic results, but since joining Elite, I cant express enough the difference its made. Not just in my body shape, but in my athletic ability, ie strength, speed and endurance!


The motivation, direction and professionalism at Elite is fantastic, with no egos and a friendly environment. Just book, turn up, train hard, bitta craic, go home!

I'd like to thank David Rice for pushing me on to get me to this stage and looking forward to moving towards the next stage, I cannot recommend this guy/gym enough!


It was seeing Stephen's picture in July 2013 that first put Elite Fitness on my radar. You could tell this wasn't a fake photo because of the fading sunburn! It took me until October 2013 to actually join, and I didn't start my own 10-week programme until the Monday following Mother's Day 2014 (31/3/14), but I got there, and I'm still there. And so is Stephen, one of the 5PM class faithfuls.

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